– Web Filtering



Robust email and Web security, coupled with appropriate user training and security procedures, are absolutely essential to the protection of corporate data, financial and other electronic assets. Without adequate solutions and controls, cybercriminals can exploit gaps in security defenses and cause serious damage to an organization.



Organizations must protect themselves from a wide and growing variety of threats perpetrated by cybercriminals. At the same time, they must protect their corporate data and financial assets from an increasing number of venues through which malware and other exploits can operate, including traditional tools like email and desktop computers, but also social media tools, cloud-based storage and file-sharing applications, smartphones, tablets, employees’ home computers, USB drives and the like. At the same time, corporate decision makers must both permit the use of, and protect against threats introduced by, employee-owned endpoints. In short, the threat landscape is becoming more serious and decision makers must focus increasingly on protecting their critical assets through improved training of employees, better security procedures, and improvements in their security technology.